Rede Lamartine – Video Lighting Tutorial

This is a wonderful video, god tips…

In this video lighting tutorial I cover 3 lighting tips for your YouTube videos. 1. Using A Window For Light (And possibly adding a back light) 2. Using cheap video lighting from around the house.
3. Buying a cheap video lighting kit for your videos.

Watch this video link is below


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Basic equipment for quality Youtube video production – Rede Lamartine

Just wanted to answer a few questions about basic audio and lighting when it comes to making quality Youtube videos for those who are getting serious about doing video production on Youtube and wanted to increase the quality of their work.

Watch the video link is below

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Rede Lamartine – How to Get Free Stuff to Review on YouTube!

Sample email:
Hello (company name),
My name is (your name) and I review tech related products on my YouTube channel, which is based out of (Your location). My channel is decently sized at (number) subscribers and it has over (number) million video views. I like to collaborate…

Read more and watch the video link is below

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How To Build Your YouTube Subscribers From Scratch – Rede Lamartine

Tips For Building Your YouTube Channel Views and Subscribers from Scratch: 1. Create Great Videos (Content is King)
2. Rank Videos In YouTube Search For Your Niche
3. Get Fans By Becoming A Fan — Comment and Interact With Other Peoples Videos and Channels
4. Use Social Media To Promote Your YouTube Channel and Videos 5. HUSTLE 🙂

Read more and watch the video link is below

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Webtv Rede Lamartine – YouTube Studio Setup – Home Video Studio Setup and Tour

YouTube Studio Checklist (Video Gear List) :
1. Camera — Canon EOS 70D
This is a great camera and the touch screen makes it easy to change the settings! The Canon 80D and the Canon T5i or T6i will produce results very similar to the camera I’m using.

Read more and watch the video link is below

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Rede Lamartine – BEST NOKIA Smartphones Upcoming in 2017 || NOKIA C1 | NOKIA N1 || NOKIA NX || Nokia Edge

BEST NOKIA SMARTPHONES Upcoming in 2017, We can’t wait to see what Nokia brings up. WE hope you are also excited. So watch this video

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Rede Lamartine – LG V20 Headphone Jack Repair Guide

LG V20 headphone jack is not working? LG V20 Headphone Set got damaged and became unresponsive? Can’t hear any sounds while inserting the earphone? Come here to know how to repair the non-working earphone jack for LG V20. Here we provided an original new replacement for your LG V20.

Watch the video, links is below

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